Vapor Blasting


What is Vapor Blasting?

Vapor blasting is a surface refinishing process used to clean and restore surfaces.  Instead of dry abrasive media (used in sandblasting), it uses a combination of water, compressed air, detergents with finer and gentler media to remove oxidized metal and corrosion. The process also seals the pores of the aluminum making it look better longer, leaving it with a much shinier and smoother surface. 

What kind of part can I send?

We can vapor blast any aluminum, copper, brass or bronze part that can fit within a 20” x 20” tall case.  Engine parts, chassis parts for motorcycles or cars.  Common items include wheels, cylinder heads, engine side cases, fork legs, brake calipers, intake manifolds, and valve covers.  Have a question? Call or emails us!
**Vapor blasting will NOT affect powder-coated or painted parts.**

How long does it take?

2-3 days in the shop is standard plus return shipping.  If you need the parts expedited, just let us know. We are closed Sunday-Monday so if your part arrives on a Saturday, it will most likely get started on Tuesday.

Advantages of Wet Blasting over Sand Blasting

  1. Vapor Blasting cleans by the flow of water and abrasive media, not by sheer force and impact like in conventional dry blasting operations. 
  2. Vapor Blasting eliminates media impingement, providing a peening effect to the surface so parts surfaces stay cleaner longer.  
  3. The water acts as a lubricant or barrier between the abrasive media & the components surface protecting from erosion and distortion. 
  4. Being a liquid process, the Vapor Blast flows into areas inaccessible by other methods.  
  5. No heat is generated that may distort or damage parts.
  6. Eliminates the need to use nasty chemicals


Starting at $25.00
Email with a list of parts for a detailed quote.

Example Pricing:

Example PartsPrice
2-Stroke Single Head, Jug, Cases, Side Covers$125
2-Stroke Twin Heads, Jugs, Cases, Side Covers$150
4-Stroke Single Cam Cover, Head, Jugs, Cases, Side Covers$125
Motorcycle Carburetors (each)$25
Motorcycle Brake Hubs (each)$25
V8 Aluminum Valve Cover Set$75
V8 Aluminum Intake Maniforld$100

*This is determined by the size of the part and condition of the part.   

Additional charges may apply for the following:

-Sending us 40 year old engine cases that we are going to have to clean in our parts washer first/hand scrub
-Sending us parts that require dissasmbly (i.e. wheel hubs need to have bearings removed, cylinder heads need to have valves removed)

Prices do not include return shipping.  We ship USPS Priority and FedEx daily and will search for the lowest possible rate for you.


1. Email for a detailed quote.
2. Complete this form.
3. Ship us your parts with this form.
4. We will process payment after completing cleaning your parts.
5. We will ship back to you via USPS or Fedex.