Dreyer South Trike Division

We are now offering complete trike conversions!

Motorcycle trikes are seen everywhere! Rallies, rides, events and even for daily transportation on the interstates and county roads. They are a growing segment of the motorcycle market especially as the motorcycle population ages. This web page will give you a glimpse of the trike world and help you decide if one is in your future. Hopefully you will choose our company to build and maintain yours!


Why would you want to change a Goldwing, one of the best motorcycles ever built, in to a trike? Unfortunately, as we get older our knees, hips and backs aren't what they used to be. A touring motorcycle is heavy and if they fall over it's embarrassing at best and can cause damage or injury to you or a passenger. The trike is the solution! It won't fall over and you don't have to balance the weight therefore weaker body parts don't have to do the work. Plus, they look cool, you still have the motorcycle like performance and adventure you want. Are there any disadvantages? You will drop a little in fuel mileage and they don't corner like a sport bike in the curves. They do take up a little more space in your garage and the added cost is a consideration.

Now if you think you would like to turn your existing Goldwing to a trike or purchase a new trike what's next? There are several companies making high quality products. Two we work with are Champion and California Sidecar Company. Both of these companies offer three year warranties on their kits when professionally installed. You will want a store or dealership that has trained and experienced technicians build and maintain your vehicle. What is the warranty and what does it cover and not cover? How does it affect the original manufactures warranty. Additionally, in Indiana the vehicle title does not change and you use motorcycle plates and require a motorcycle license

One feature that should be considered as not optional is the independent rear suspension. This type of rear end provides a smoother and safer ride than the previous solid rear axel systems. The other non optional feature is the extended rake kits that replace the stock steering stem, upper bridge and bearings. This improves the steering and handling over the stock system.

Other than these two options the rest are for your convenience, comfort or looks.

Why choose Dreyer South to build or maintain your trike? Matt and John have attended California Sidecars trike building school at their manufacturing facility in Virginia. Our shop has the latest equipment and tools to build and service your trike. Additionally we have Honda trained technicians for improved service to you.

Our goal is your satisfaction! We want you to ride your trike thousands of trouble-free miles and refer your friends to us. Send us your pictures and travel stories and we will gladly share them with our customers.

The first step for you to take is to talk with one of the Dreyer South representatives about what you like and want to do. We will explain the options and help plan your trike conversion so it fits your desires and taste. A complete estimate is provided so you know exactly what you are getting. You may want to skip the building process and just purchase an already converted motorcycle. We build new Goldwing conversions with the typical options we find our customers like. These are ready to go and we gladly take your motorcycles in trade.

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